Shatner reacts to Star Trek Movie Trailer

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tylermo wrote:
Except for DS9? To each his own, but I thought DS9 was one of the standouts...

I also enjoyed DS9, at least in the earlier parts, until we had Yet Another Mighty Alien Menace from Beyond to prat about with. The last series practically had me throwing things at the screen. Magic books? Summoning demons? King Ar-er, Sisko taken off to Avalon or where-the-hell-ever it was?

Waiter! There's D&D in my Sci-Fi! Pure vomitus.

I waited for something like three seasons for Sisko to tell those ruddy aliens to shove their meddling appendages right up their own wormhole, but it never happened. And, incidentally, to remember his oaths and the duties he conveniently forgot about whenever the Prophets crooked their metaphorical fingers. He did annoy me something rotten.

Turning to literature from TV for a moment, I much preferred Emerson's response to the Old Ones, in the novel Heaven's Reach.

"Because you didn't ask. Because you...never once said...please".

TV can be so disappointing.
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I thought DS9 was a welcome departure from what was becoming a repetitive franchise. However it did suffer from the Berman effect. ( I have no imagination so let's use time travel or the borg. Ultimately fulfilled in First Contact where they used Time Travel and the borg)

All in all I did like DS9 better than the other two shows but it was no Babylon 5.
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My friend: Hey you wanna go see the new Wolverine movie?

Me: Maybe, but I'd rather see the new Star Trek first.

My friend: Yeah I guess, we can see the Wolverine movie after.

Me: To be honest I am waiting for The Watchmen movie to come out THAT I have to see on a big screen.


My friend: UH... that movie has come and gone.

Me: Really? Ah S h i t I really wanted to see that on the big screen.

This is how much I pay attention to Hollywood movies.

For the record I to didn't like DS9 but I guess one of the few that liked Voyager. *shrugs*
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Omote, I'm glad to see that we're apparently(roughly) on the same page when it comes to Trek. Nice to know somebody else is right. Sundog, I don't totally disagree with you about season 7, or at least some of how the program wrapped up. That said, there was a lot to like, particularly in seasons 4-7. Somebody mentioned liking Voyager better than DSNine. That's cool. I wasn't totally down on Voyager, just ended up being my least favorite. All of that said, I'm still worried about this new film. I think some of the battle sequences, and action scenes will be cool. Maybe even a few of the key portrayals. In the end(based on a scene I saw with Pine-Kirk and Uhura), I'm expecting most of the character interaction to be along the lines of 90's and 2000's tv shows we might see on WB/CW/or whatever that network is called now. I just hope this movie doesn't become Sex Trek 90210. That would be a shame. *fingers crossed* keeping my expectations lower than ever.

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Post by Akrasia »

Simon Pegg is Scotty?

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Akrasia wrote:
Simon Pegg is Scotty?


I *loved* Simon Pegg as Scotty!

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