Playing or Designing?

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Playing or Designing?

Post by Persimmon »

I've come to realize that as much as I love playing and DMing/CKing rpgs, I actually enjoy the process of writing adventures and world building even more. Even if we never get to play lots of the stuff I've written, I really just enjoy the creative outlet. It really helps me clear my mind of all the other stressful things in life. I guess it also ties into the fact that I've long wanted to be a novelist, but I've realized I'm not great at the dialogue or character development. So this allows me to tell stories without needing to worry about that stuff as much ;) I think I'll always write scenarios even if I stop playing entirely.

Plus, these days, it's much easier to sit down and write some adventures than it is to get people together to play. I've got zero interest in VTT gaming, though I'm considering doing some by Zoom. Since the pandemic it's been gaming with family members only.

How about others? Do you prefer playing, CKing, or designing adventures?
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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by Ancalagon »

Persimmon wrote:
Tue Mar 30, 2021 11:15 pm
How about others? Do you prefer playing, CKing, or designing adventures?
I enjoy all three. 8-)

I'm most comfy behind the screens DMing / CKing... especially if I'm running adventures I designed. ;)
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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by Buttmonkey »

That is a tough question. I theoretically would enjoy playing the best, but I find it isn't as stimulating as GMing. I get bored quickly when the spotlight is on someone else. I really enjoy the immersion of GMing -- you're always "on." But GMing is also stressful and lacks the pure fun of playing. Designing adventures is enjoyable, but kind of empty unless I get around to playing them (I haven't played much over the last 2 years) and I'm a semi-improvisational GM, so prepping super detailed adventures and campaign settings is off the table. Basically, I'm a fussy baby that refuses to be happy.
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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by AntiquarianAspirant »

I love designing the most, since it gives me such a wonderful creative outlet, but I start to grow numb to it if I can't actually put those concepts into practice. Playing is great fun and takes most of the stress off of me; all I have to do is be canny and clever and careful in the DM's world and that's about all it takes, which is a very different sort of outlet, and quite wonderful in its own right. DMing is incredibly stressful, but it lets me actually put my ideas into practice; an unparalleled joy.

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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by Bifford »

When I have the TIME I like to design and run.

When I have lots on (most of the time!) I like to play - that way I can enjoy the narrative and descriptive writing, but without having to think about the plot and everything.

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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by Julian Grimm »

My schedule lately has left it to where I am just running canned adventures in canned worlds. I enjoy writing and designing but I just don't have the time. I do scratch the itch my doing small filler adventures or modding what I am running. One day people will have enough pleasure boats and I will get to have a life again.
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Re: Playing or Designing?

Post by serleran »

All three are playing in a different way, so I suppose that, as the minutiae is not sufficient for me to distinguish to a level of importance.

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