Is your D&D character rare?

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Is your D&D character rare?

Post by ssfsx17 »

Excellent article: ... cid=SigDig

This tells us which characters we should try next. Need to find out what an Aaracokra is too.
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by serleran »

An aaracokra is a bird man.

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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Rhuvein »

Hmmm, I would have thought that the numbers for gnome/sorcerer would be as high or higher than gnome/wizard! :P
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Kayolan »

Human fighters are still at the top of the heap.

Kind of surprised aasimars are dead last. The tieflings are far more popular, even in the paladin category they outnumber aasimars.

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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Gringnr »

Dragon #48 has some wacky rules for an accountant NPC class. Not exactly on topic, but deffo rare. A buddy of mine told me about it years ago, I thought he was BS'ing. He wasn't. I imagine it could be adapted to a player class with little effort. But why?
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Lurker »

Well back in the day, before there was tiefileings, I played a half cambion paladin ... Sadly, the game didn't go that far. It was back when I was in the military, so we played enough to get to 3rd or 4th level, then we started losing players for training tdys, off and on. I think we limped along enough to get to 6th level and then I got orders and went to Guam ... The DM acted at first like he had some ideas to develop the background etc etc, but it never came about.

That said, That is the most unique/rare character I ever played ...
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Go0gleplex »

Well, a couple of the characters I played when I was still doing D&D are fairly rare. Dwarf Druid and Gnome Ranger. :) Speak with burrowing mammal...very underrated in the wilds. :geek:
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Revturkey »

I'm captain boring. Always gravitate towards Human Wizards and Fighter types...that 70's Bakshi Lord of the Rings film made too big an impression on me...Gandalf, Strider and Boromir have had many new names and hairstyles under my thumb :)

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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Lord Dynel »

Yep...human fighters is what I most often play. One of the masses. :)
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Re: Is your D&D character rare?

Post by Treebore »

My rarest was a theif-druid that kept getting reincarnated. Seemed like every chance I had to save or die versus some type of poison, my character did. Anyways, thanks to Reincarnation he become several of the various options available on the 2E Reincarnation table. Aside from him, my more unique characters were probably Treebore, who was cursed by Odin to exist as a Ogre for a while, then next is probably my Centaur Fighter.

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