What other rpgs do you like to play?

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Re: What other rpgs do you like to play?

Post by finarvyn »

I have quite a few likes, and my group plays whatever I run. :D Most of my current gaming is probably D&D 5E just because it's what guys in the store run and I can actually play instead of always being the DM.

Really old school = OD&D, Metamorphosis Alpha, Boot Hill. A little EPT but it's a bit "out there" for me.

As an extension of OD&D, if I want a little more structure I like C&C and Amazing Adventures (very much the same, and hopefully Victorious soon) and DCC RPG for a particularly weird take on fantasy. C&C is so smooth to run.

Outside of the traditional, I enjoy Amber Diceless as being an excellent example of role playing with strange rules. I have an addiction to reading Ron Edwards' Sorcerer but haven't had much success playing it.

Other stuff I'm not sure how to classify: 7th Sea (roll and keep version), WEG Star Wars, funky dice Star Wars.
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Re: What other rpgs do you like to play?

Post by tylermo »

I love Savage Worlds, but I haven't played in awhile. Hoping to rectify that. Also, own a lot of Doctor Who and Dungeon Crawl Classics. Desperately need to play those, as well as Metamorphosis Alpha, and Mutant Future.

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