Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Rigon »

I know it's a day early, but I probably won't be online again until sometime Monday evening, so wanted to make sure I got it out there. Be safe if you are traveling and don't eat too much.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Sir Ironside »

Yes, ditto to all my American cousins. We had ours a month ago. :P
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Relaxo »

Happy belated Thanksgiving, my Canadian neighbors!!!

Happy Thankgiving, Yanks!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Julian Grimm »

Gonna do my part of the cooking tonight so I can get the parade, dog show and some gaming in with the kids tomorrow morning. Then it's dinner and unwinding and laughing at the Black Friday shoppers the next day.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Buttmonkey »

I made my turkey stock on Sunday and my brine last night. I'll drop my turkey parts in a bucket with the brine before I go to bed tonight and tomorrow should be pretty smooth sailing. Lots of potatoes to peel and mash and gravy to make, but that's pretty easy.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Arduin »

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by DeadReborn »

Gobble, gobble my fellow Crusaders!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by serleran »

Enjoy Gobbler.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by ArgoForg »

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Get your fair share of turkey and all the fixins!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Post by Lurker »

Arduin wrote:Image

Rgr that!
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