Creatures for Christina PDF Bundle

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Christina Stiles
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Creatures for Christina PDF Bundle

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I've posted a Creatures for Christina bundle monsters/races for various systems, including several Castles & Crusades PDFs, on RPGNow/DriveThru. You get $56 worth of product for $9.99. These are from Christina Stiles Presents, Rogue Genius Games, Misfit Studios, and Louis Porter Jr. Designs. They are for C&C, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and Mutants & Masterminds. No matter the system, these PDFs can fuel your imagination.

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Re: Creatures for Christina PDF Bundle

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I hope this is gong to be up for a while, I'm on the road for nearly 3 weeks next month, and have used up my RPG budget for this month, and have none for next month due to the road trip. So July will be the soonest I could get it.
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