Modern Victory - Computer use - & general skill question

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Modern Victory - Computer use - & general skill question

Post by Lurker »

Well, it is all set for my girls to start their Victorious game - after the got tired of playing animals in harvester - but as I mentioned before, they want it set in current time (they don't have the historic and literature background to understand and enjoy the Victorian era/default setting).

With this it is surprising how easy this retools into a modern game. Change a name here or there, re narrate an item and it fits perfectly.

However, I do have one question. Modern computer use. Well not basic use, I assume 90% of people in a modern setting have basic computer use, but advance things like hacking, digging up deleted files, tapping onto a surveillance set up, etc.

Would it be a 'science - computer' , a profession, roguery or criminology (that is an option but doesn't feel right), or something I'm missing ???

I'm asking because for inspiration, I've started to rewatch some "Leverage" and "Person's of interest" - I know, I know they aren't 'super power hero' shows, but they are set in modern time and the heroes are exceptional (argue they could be supers with increased attributes and knacks and gadgets etc) and the bad guys aren't over the top to where my 2 young ones will be fighting for their life every game - Also, not surprising I am a fan of Punisher ... With those shows, and modern common since agrees, the computer hacker is vital to the mission.

So, what skill would you all advice I have to cover that ?

Right now neither girl is going down that path, but if they do, and I already have some NPCs to round out those areas in a few levels, so I need a bit of guidance on how to work it.

Now to general skills question

Acrobat - it gives an AC bonus (I didn't realize it till Rigon mentioned it last game) of +3. Does that go up with additional skill buys , or is it a one time + 3 regardless of skill level ?

Target - if you have more than one skill level in it do you get a bonus to your wisdom check for your one time attack that ignores the target's defense. Or do you get an additional use per target per additional skill level ?

Now advice needed.

My older daughter created a character that is ... how to describe it ... heavy on luck, intuition, and the like . However, very little combat powers. I think she has 1 slot in psycho-kinesis . She does have some combat skills however, ... How do I set up things for her so she is part of the fight and has fun.

For intuition, I know the write up says that intuition is an effect for increased initiative, but I will expand it for her having a feeling that choice x feels better than y or having a spider sense that the north alley is empty, but that south alley ... that needs to be checked out. So she will have a benefit of being in the right place at the right time. However, with only a PK punch that does .... hay what damage does a PK punch do ? ... as her only attack it doesn't help much to be in the right place at the right time.

How do I keep her on equal footing with her little sister who has a direct in your face 'Storm' super hero ?

I know eventually, I'll have the NPCs I mentioned get her some armor and weapons (picturing Daredevil's friend with the armor and combat staff, but more fitting her character) but until then ...
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Re: Modern Victory - Computer use - & general skill question

Post by Rigon »

I would go with Science (computer). Even self taught hackers know the "science" of hacking. At least, that's how I'd do it.

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Re: Modern Victory - Computer use - & general skill question

Post by DMMike »

***Again, usual disclaimer from me that this is opinion only and not “official”. 

Computer Use: I’d actually creat this as its own unique skill, like Roguery is separate from Criminology. Rank 1 would allow attribute checks with level added (INT I think) and subsequent ranks would give the +s such as rank 2 = +3, rank 3 = +2, rank 4 = +1, etc. Any kacking would be equivalent to a attribute check with the CL being based either on the system or the system’s programmer a la traps in Roguery. If you want a specialty in CU, then buy a Knack and say its for “Hacking”, or “reprogramming” or such like.

Acrobatics, yes rank 2 is +2, rank 3 is +1, along with additional ranks +1.

Targeting: Yes, additional ranks give the +3/+2/+1 like other skills. I suppose you could use it for multiple uses in combat, but be aware that ignoring most ACs is a powerful ability to do a lot of times!

As for the Luck/Intuition character, Liz has a character like this named Chance but he has probability Manipulation to give those “feelings” as to what is right or wrong. As for PK:

Psycho-Kinesis: The Hero with Psycho-Kinesis can project a kinetic force at a distance to strike foes or manipulate objects. Psycho-Kinesis starts with a 10 STR at rank 1, and +5 STR per additional rank. The base range for the power is line of sight of the kineticist, with an ability to manipulate outside this line of sight costing an additional rank and require some ability to register distance activities (like Telepathy or Intuition).

So, 10 STR for rank 1 with +5 each additional rank. You're looking at a d4 or d6 damage with no STR bonus as its PK.

I’ll chew on it more and come back with hook ideas.

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