The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

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The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

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Hey all,

While writing the fiction on the description thread in the Crusades forums, it occurred to me that it might help if we all knew what our characters looked like; both in civies and costume.

I'll go first! :)

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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by DMMike »

Jacque Frost’s Appearance

In normal guise:

Jean-Claude du Orleans appears as a man in his mid-20s, of average height and with black hair and blue eyes. He wears a moustache, with the sides spiked with wax in the manner of Crown Prince Wilhelm of the German Empire. Despite the militant grooming, he always has a ready smile and laughing eyes. He wears smart suits, with a bowler hat and a light blue ascot. His clothes tend toward navy blue, but will wear a black frock coat and top hat when the occasion demands it.

In Costume:

Jacque Frost appears as a man in a suit of High Medieval knightly armor, with pauldrons and greves as well as articulated limbs and breastplate. All the armor is blueish-white, and is in fact ice. His eyes can be seen through the ice visor, and appear as normal; though the blue of his eyes seems sharper and more distinct.

Supernatural Powers:

He wields a sword whose blade is a icicle of almost diamond-like sheen. He uses this blade to display many of his powers, though in truth it is not necessary to invoke them.

• A light blow from this sword causes a portion of his enemy to freeze (Might, Continuous Damage) or a heavy blow can result in his enemy being engulfed in ice (Entrap).

• With a sweep of the blade before him, a torrential snowstorm smashes into his foes (Blast).

• By grasping the handle of the sword as well as the blade, Jacque Frost can present the blade before him and create a wall of solid ice before him, protecting his person at will (Force Screen).

• He travels by producing snow from his sword and he appears to slide along the snow as if he was wearing skis instead of boots (Super-Movement).
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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by RhiannonMM »

Alexandra Matthews

In normal Guise: A woman in her early twenties, slightly taller than average height. Her hair is long and dark brown with a natural wave to it, that she normally keeps up in appropriate lady like fashions. Her eyes are a surprisingly light blue and she almost always has a smile on her face. Her face is well sculpted and looks like it belongs on a woman older than she, but not unpleasantly so. Her lips are full but often paled as to avoid drawing attention to her face, she tries her best to look as lady like as possible. She wears the modern fashions of the day in neutral colors, creams being her preferred dominant color for her ensembles, as it echoes a doctors coat without being obvious. She always adds a dash of sea foam or mint greens on her accessory items though to keep it from being lifeless. She always has a practical but in fashion hat on to protect her from the sun when she is outdoors, or a parasol. She often struggles to balance the pageantry that is expected form a woman of her station and the practicality she prefers.

In Costume: She wears Dark mens clothes that were in fashion a few years ago among the upper crust, pieces she scavenged form her fathers closet when it came time to update his wardrobe. One piece she is never without is a long coat that serves as protection from the colder nights in Chicago and rain when it comes and helps her feel more confident in her disguise. Her hair is normally up in a fashion that conceals it's length and looks more like an unruly man's hair style than a woman's. She shifts her face to look more like that of a mans before she heads out for the night but that is more for insurance in case the Greek style thin metal mask she wears ever fails. She barely speaks while in costume and always in a slightly lower and gruffer tone than her natural voice. Gloves are always worn until healing takes place. The people know her as Asklepios.

Asklepios carries no weapons and aside from what paltry protection the coat and mask may provide, no armor either.

He always seems to know what is ails a patient with just a touch (Keen sense: resonance imaging)

Given enough time and repeated visits he seems to be able to cure physical ailments and injuries of the people he helps (Healing)

No one has seen him fight anyone


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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by Rigon »

Damon is short and slight. His body is covered in short, dark blue/indigo fur. His eyes are yellow with no discernible pupil. He has long pointed ears and fangs. He has a long prehensile tail.

He wears an old overcoat, much to big for him, as it helps cover his tail and an old fashioned cowl to hide his face and blue fur. His hands and feet are wrapped in old cloth, as finding gloves or shoes for him is nigh impossible and he has extremely little coin to have suitable ones made. He wears simple workmen clothes of linen, in dark shades, much of the year round, as his fur helps to keep him warm. He prefers to not venture out during the day.

Damon does not have a "costume." He typically wears his normal clothes and just removes his cowl.

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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by Lurker »

Roger Mosby – Scima

Just under 6 foot tall, and of average build. Brown hair and smoky gray/green eyes (both are unremarkable color, but noticeably darker than that of all other Mosbys). Average looks and an easy smile, in many ways unremarkable / unimpressive. However, at times his eyes show marked sadness. And often, his face seems to draw or darken shadows when normally they would not be present.

His dress always reflects the cultural / social / economic area he is in (outside of the foreign and exotic). Easily wearing workers cloths, a middle class professional's suite, or high fashion of the elite circles he was born into. However, in all of what he wears, he tends to wear muted darker earthen colors. Plus, as long as it is appropriate, he wears a hat -a bowler, a derby, a flat cap, a hunter, or what ever is fitting the situation. When wearing a hat though, he tends to unconsciously pull it lower than required.

As Scima - when he uses his powers - he does not change his cloths, but he seems to be enveloped in shadows.
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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by maximus »

Liam Burke - The Night's Vengeance

Liam is a big man, 6' 2" 225#. He has sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. His bearing gives all but the boldest pause. He dresses in the typical blue collar wear of the Southside of Chicago, but still bears tokens of his worldly travels including a well made set of leather armor he wears under loose street clothes.

His transformation has toned down his normally gregarious nature, and nowadays he is a bit more introspective. Unusually stealthy for a man his size, he blends well into the background especially in an urban setting.

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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by Treebore »

BTW, that above image is drawn by my daughter. I believe she did it completely digitally.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
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Re: The appearances of the Monday Night NDW's

Post by alcyone »

Miss Faith Finney has a pale complexion, and her translucent skin reinforces her overall frail appearance. She has dark hair that she normally pins up in a sort of pleasantly messy halo, but when alone she lets it down, and it's a little mousy and lank due to how she treats it, but with the right skill it could be one of her better features. She has dark, kind eyes, and a nose that is neither large nor delicate, with nostrils that flare when she is exasperated. Her eyebrows are full but feminine, and she doesn't indulge in the vain fashion of overplucking them. Her mouth rests in an uncertain smile, with a somewhat pronounced Cupid's bow. She uses a couple of ill-fitting leg braces to walk, and is able to get by on those alone but gets along a little better with her hawthorn walking-stick. Her clothes are outdated and not fancy, but she keeps them clean and mends them as necessary, perhaps not as neatly as she'd like but she does her best. She is 28 years of age but looks younger partially because her toilet is limited to simple face-washing and her fashion non-existent, making her look less mature than ladies her age. She shows very little skin below her chin, and often wears gloves.

Her general carriage is a little bit closed, head bowed slightly and shoulders slumped, trying to take up as little space in the world as possible. She is shy and quiet, though if she finds a kindred spirit, she becomes overly effusive.

Some of her appearance is the intention of Orville, her former guardian, who wished her to look somewhat pathetic to gain sympathy with the revival crowds. Some is due to her poverty. Some is from her own humility and uncertainty of her worth, though she hopes one day to be something more, and imagines herself in spotless white garments with a matching mask, confidently walking among the sick and wounded and lending her healing art to those who needed it, empowered with purpose.
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