Super Attributes & skill points

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Super Attributes & skill points

Post by Lurker »

Ok I hate to admit it, but I messed up on my practice characters and their skill points (I forgot you get 1 free for prime, and the 1 + the int bonus)

Sooo from that, I had to go through and rework my back up characters … Then I noticed on one in character creation I took the ‘attribute’ bonus and bumped up his intelligence as one of his attributes that were increased.

Would that bump from a 16 to a 20 give him 2 more points to spend on skills ? I can see an argument for it, but is that toooo much of a benefit – increased atribute bonus modifier & 2 skill points ???

I know that int wouldn’t be a ‘normal’ attribute to bump in a supers game – str dex & con being the more useful in a fight, but I tried to make a mage type, so his Int was important.

Also, for completion’s sake, if one does get a skills point increase at character creation for bumping INT, what about in later game increases ? … I could maybe see limiting it to only points to buy an increase on skills you already know instead of points to by new skills at that level increase. Narrate it as ‘your increased intellect helped you get over a mental hurdal, or make a mental break through on the skills you already are proficient in”

As for playing him as a character, I think I worked out a good ‘mage’ that would fit “Dr Strange” type magic super hero, but I’d much rather play my shadow guy, my earth guy or my MA guy, so unless Tree is brutal and kills off 3 of my characters, he will never see the light of day.
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Re: Super Attributes & skill points

Post by Treebore »

I would think those benefits are for before you begin actually creating your character. Once you start you wouldn't be able to increase your "starting" benefits, since your past starting..
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Re: Super Attributes & skill points

Post by DMMike »

...and it specifically states that the skill point bonus for high INT is upon the initial attribute rolled, not increased due to power purchase.

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