Survival – Urban / Roguery , Overlap ?

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Survival – Urban / Roguery , Overlap ?

Post by Lurker »

For practice on making characters (which resulted in a good back up character) I kicked around the idea of having the character living on the streets – kicked out of his family with no money or support . With that, I took survival – urban, picturing him knowing how to live on the streets. Able to know where to find food, shelter, etc etc etc. However, wouldn’t it also give skills in hiding (either hiding in the alley way from the coppers/thugs/Shang-hiers, or disappearing into the crowded masses) ,& moving silently ?

I know those are classic rogue skills, but isn’t there an overlap at least on those 2 skills ?

Admittedly the rogue skill would have more nefarious skills associated with it – pick pocket, open lock etc etc etc, which goes well beyond Survival – urban. Which is why I avoided the rogue skill for this character. I don’t picture him knowing ALL those skills. However, … skulking through the alley ways and hopping a fence and quietly sneaking into a manor house and sleeping in the dark garden corner, or pilfering a meal from the pantry to me fits survival – urban as well as it does roguery.
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Re: Survival – Urban / Roguery , Overlap ?

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Well, since you didn't specify Treebore in this I'll assume its a general question.

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When I created Urban as a subset of Survival, I was thinking more of the "Streetwise" sort of skill. Think Street Arabs instead of criminal. Oh sure, Arabs/urchins would steal, but its usually a grab-and-run sort of thing. Roguery would involve actual experience with gangs and/or criminal syndicates. So, depending on your situation, (and if I was GMing) I'd give a +1 for Survival, Urban to hide and or climb...but you won't get the full +3 for such activities as you would under the Roguery skill.

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