Increasing Skill Ranks

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Sturla Snorrison
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Increasing Skill Ranks

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I have been going over the section in the core book on character generation and skills but I am not sure I understand the mechanics of how characters can increase skill ranks. Is this done with the use of power slots spent both at the time of character creation and/or gained as characters level?

The core book also states that characters can/will gain power slots as they level. Would this be one new power slot per level or is it by GM fiat? It is quite possible that I have missed text which clarifies this so I apologize if my questions seem obtuse.

Thank you for any advisement in these matters!

OK, I am a dumb-dumb, the answer is clearly stated under the bold-faced section on page 14 Becoming More Skilled:

"As experience is gained over the course of play and class skill levels are obtained, a Hero may elect to use their Power rank (gained with each class level) to either purchase two entirely new skills or increase the rank of already chosen skills. Skills don't simply appear and the player and GM must work out over time how the Hero in question managed to obtain these new skills; perhaps role playing the study and instruction to a small degree during the course of the Victorious game."

It was right there in front of me. Sorry to bother you folks with such a stupid question.

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Re: Increasing Skill Ranks

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Not at all, I don't need much of an excuse to talk about Victorious. :)

The 1 power Supernatural slot = 2 Skill ranks = 3 Victory Points can trip people up a bit at first. Once you play a bit, it'll stick in the mind quite easily. If you prefer no powers than you can go with the 2 skill ranks /3 VP's pretty simply, as I know some do.

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