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Another Fantastic PErsonalities Preview

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:49 pm
by jamesmishler
From the forthcoming Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands booklet...
Sven Red-Eye

The Demon-Born
CE male Demon-Blooded Sverkka Valonar human 6th level barbarian, HD 6d12+18, HP 62, AC 17 [18 vs. Law or Good, 19 vs. Lawful Good] (+2 magical demon iron mail shirt +1 plus dexterity bonus), Move 30 ft., SL General 4, Str 17, Dex 14*, Con 18*, Int 17*, Wis 9, Cha 11. Class abilities are native arms & armor (Valonar types; focused in broad sword, also proficient with five weapon/armor), primal rage, resilience, savage glory, sixth sense, tribal abilities (Seamanship and four cantrips, see below), Versatility (two 1st level wizard spells, see below). Sven knows the following cantrips and spells, each useable once per day as a 6th level wizard: detect magic, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, charm person, sleep. Svens Demon Eye grants him 60 ft. Darkvision and the ability, once per day, to use the following spells as spell-like abilities as though cast by a 6th level wizard: magic missile, scare, and fireball. The effect fires forth from the eye. Through special tutoring from his Demonic cousins, he also has the ability to Decipher Script (Intelligence) as a rogue, though with no penalty to reading arcane scrolls. He wields Fafnirsfang, a magical broad sword +1/+3 vs. dwarves (+8 BtH, 2d4+4 points of damage, +10 BtH and 2d4+6 vs. dwarves) and short bow (+6 BtH, 1d6 points of damage, 60 ft. range). He speaks Valonar, Alryan, Skandik, and Demonic. He wears his +2 magical demon iron mail shirt with coif, walrus-skin pants, sea-wolf fur leggings, a thick black belt with demon-faced bronze buckle (worth 10 gp), tall black boots, and a blood-red cape; Fafnirsfang is at his side in a jewel-encrusted scabbard (worth 250 gp), two daggers are in his belt, his bow and quiver of 20 arrows upon his back; two wizard scrolls depend from the belt in scroll cases made from the bones of men (teleport without error on one and sleep and detect thoughts on the other); and he carries 17 gp, 8 sp, and 12 cp.

Tall and bean-pole thin, Sven Red-Eye stands 64 and weighs only 185 lbs. His muscles are mighty but wiry, and his hands, feet, and nose are overly large for his frame. Svens left eye is twice as large as his right, bulges forth from the socket, and is demonic in form, with a glowing red pupil, yellow iris, and black orb; his right eye is normal, with the deep purple iris common to sorcerous-blooded Sverkka. His skin is bone white and his hair is platinum blonde, long, and worn in dreadlocks. His fingernails are thick, long, and naturally ebon black, his tongue and lips are naturally purple, and his teeth are naturally sharp and jagged like those of a shark. He is 21 years old.

Sven Red-Eye was born upon a cold peak wreathed in blue flame in the mountains above Malikarr on Thrinakia Isle; it was a clear and starry night, when Luna hid her face, Gorm glittered bilious above a blood-red sea, and Ioun hung full low upon the horizon, dropping his blessings and curses across the lands. Wolves and demons howled in the night as his mother, a witch dedicated to the service of the Demon Gods, cried in ecstasy at her birthing pains. Never known by man, she birthed the child of a demon, or rather near-demon, her son being born of the blood of her demonbrood lover.

Unfortunately for her, for some unknown reason her son was not born true demonbrood, merely demon-blooded, and as her child drew his first blood with his sharp fangs suckling at her teat, her demonbrood lover fled in disgust. Her vile joy turned to utter hatred, and thus she raised her son to seek vengeance upon his father for abandoning her.

She taught him various things arcane and magical, while various charm-held lovers and thralls taught him the ways of sword and spear, ship and sea. When he stood man-tall, she sent him forth as the leader of a ship of foul pirates and sellswords, to make his way south to the Demon Empires, there to seek out his father and wreak her vengeance upon his sire.

That was three years ago, and in that time Sven has crossed the Wine-Dark Sea, Silver Sea, and Sea of 10,000 Islands a dozen times, raiding and plundering as opportunity permits. He has visited the ports of the Demon Empire seeking his father, to no avail, though there made contacts with other demonbrood and demon-blooded favorable to his cause (for his father has no few enemies), and they taught him better use of the magic permeating his demon blood. His ship, the Vengeful Hag, now bears a demon prow in place of the traditional Sverkka dragon, and his crew is now a mix of cutthroats, murderers, and blasphemers from every port in the Wilderlands.

Sven is in no hurry to find his father, having thrice the lifespan of a normal man; he will seek him out eventually, for his inheritance of wealth and magic, if not for his mothers sake. Meanwhile, he enjoys ravaging and pillaging his way across the Wilderlands wherever whim directs him. He is currently active in the Wine-Dark Sea between the City State and Tarantis, despised and hunted by the authorities, feared and respected by the native pirates.

1) Plotting

2) Flippant

3) Angry

4) Grim

5) Vicious

6) Amorous
Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands includes 13 fully-detailed barbarians NPCs and 100 NPC barbarian listings from the Wilderlands of High Adventure. Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands uses the barbarian class from Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1, but can readily be used with any Constitution-based version of the barbarian class.
James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:08 pm
by Omote
You mention the 100 NPC barbiarian listings seperate from the 13 fully detailed barbarians. My question is what type of information is contained with the 100 NPCs?

Thank you.

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Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:31 am
by jamesmishler
Omote wrote:
You mention the 100 NPC barbiarian listings seperate from the 13 fully detailed barbarians. My question is what type of information is contained with the 100 NPCs?

Each of the 100 Barbarian entries will include the following information:
#: 4, Name: (unknown), Race: H (Human), Culture: ALT (Altanian), Sex: M (Male), Alignment: NN (Neutral), STR 11*, DEX 10, CON 17*, INT 14, WIS 15*, CHA 10, Level: 1, Hit Points: 5, AC: 15, Armor: SM, SMW, HBA (Scale Mail, Medium Wooden Shield, Bascinet), Weapons: ABA, BSB, SPW (Battle Axe (first listed is Focus Weapon), Short Bow, and Wolf Spear), Barbarian Abilities: BCR, FMO, SCA (Battle Cry, Fast Movement, Scale)

Right now all the information on the 100 is in an Excel file; they are as yet all unnamed, and not all are complete. They will be listed something like the above... codes or full names, not sure yet, still working on the format. Might include BtH with each weapon, possibly also Dispositions. The original plan was simply a line entry like in the classic Rogue's Gallery, but that won't work well at all with booklet-sized print... giving a bit more room to expand the description in paragraph format. So we shall see...
James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing