Monstrous Menaces #4: Hribixul, Memnech, and Quasi-Dragon

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Monstrous Menaces #4: Hribixul, Memnech, and Quasi-Dragon

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Adventure Games Publishing presents the fourth in a series of new monsters for the Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper to populate his dungeons and wilderness. Each installment of the Monstrous Menaces series presents three new monsters for a mere dollar, eminently affordable in todays economy.

The fourth installment, Monstrous Menaces #4: Hribixul, Memnech, and Quasi-Dragon, presents the Castle Keeper with a 7 HD Magical Beast, a 5 HD Extraplanar Being, and a 1 to 12 HD Magical Beast. Each entry includes complete listings for the monsters description, organization, ecology, treasure, range, and special abilities.

A hribixul is a creature born of madness, a distant cousin of the chimera it has the forequarters of a sabertooth tiger, the hindquarters of a llama, two long giant serpent tails, and three heads: sabertooth tiger, llama, and giant serpent. It stands as tall as a warhorse, and the serpent tails are each 15 feet long and can operate independently. The large sabertooth tiger head is central, with the llama and serpent heads to each flank. Though smaller and lighter than a chimera, they are utterly inimical to their distant cousins, and attack each other on sight.

Memnech, also known as Blades of Vengeance, are beings from a distant planar sphere of order and balance. They hire out to various deities as mercenaries, but only for missions where the deity is avenging him or herself on heretics, schismatics, blasphemers, desecrators of temples, and the like, never for conquest or to fight in the deitys other battles. The price is always paid in jewelry, which memnech often wear on their missions.

Memnech take the form of tall, muscular, hairless male and female humans with four arms and glowing eyes that blaze white with righteous fury. Skin coloration is always unusual, such as pure white, ebon black, blood red, lime green, and the like, to set the memnech apart from common mortals. They also have four feathered wings, each feather alternating platinum white or ebon black.

Quasi-dragons, also known as false dragons, dragon-lizards, or dragon-serpents, are large, frilled and finned, scaled creatures with features of both serpent and lizard and dragon. It is thought that they are either a primitive ancestor to true dragons or a distant cousin thereof. In some lands they are plentiful enough that they are considered true dragons, and true dragons are considered to be the royalty of dragon-kind.

The typical quasi-dragon has a body like that of a lizard, with a neck as long as its body, and with a tail as long as neck and body combined. Its legs are short and stumpy, but quite strong, giving them a sinuous serpentine appearance. The head is crocodilian, with many long jagged teeth and a long red tongue. Some bear horns upon their head and frills around their neck, especially old males, and they have a long line of spikes down their back. Midway down their back, on either side of the spikes, are long fins, like those on various species of lizards; in some these take the appearance of vestigial wings.
Monstrous Menaces #4: Hribixul, Memnech, and Quasi-Dragon

By James Mishler

AGP06004, 8-page PDF, $1.00 MSRP
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James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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