Castles & Chemo - play-by-post on Tavern Keeper

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Castles & Chemo - play-by-post on Tavern Keeper

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Castles & Chemo is a series of three short low-level adventures, possibly leading to a further campaign, written by a cancer survivor, with themes of cancer, chemotherapy and their effect on all of us. Originally written for Pathfinder and 4e, I've attempted to translate the modules into a Castles & Crusades version for your gaming pleasure.

I'm running it as a play-by-post campaign at the decent Tavern Keeper. Currently I have no confirmed players, so I'm looking for between four and six more. The link is here:

Castles & Chemo Campaign -

To raise money for British cancer charities, I will be setting up a charity fundraising page where you can pay for charity re-rolls! This will, of course, be entirely optional - you can just accept your duff rolls instead...

Pre-gen characters will be provided*, so just come along for fun and fundraising!

* Note that equipment and spell lists will be customisable.

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