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Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:41 pm

30 Sept 2019 - It always starts on a train

Father Sean O'Malley - Demon Hunter
Mr Gerard Doyle - Raider
Colton - Gun slinger
Mr Joe Blue - Pugilist - added 28 Oct 2019
Mr Sean Hunter - Arcanist - added 25 Nov 2019
Ms Beatrice Nicole - Socialite - added 25 Nov 2019

O'Malley & Doyel, After traveling through Scotland, England & France end up in Toulouse France needing to travel to Berlin Germany - to hand deliver a letter to a Dr James Lallard

O'Malley - now has a contact in London & Parris / successfully researched information in Scotland, Parris and Toulouse
Doyel - now has a contact in London Paris & Toulouse / successfully researched information in Scotland London Paris & Toulouse

Colton, After traveling through England, Parris, Spain, and Southern France is also in Toulouse France traveling to Berlin
*** Need to make Cha checks to see if he made any contacts

The train ride to Berlin will take 31 hours plus time at various stops - total of over 2 days

O'Malley & Doyel meet Colton - the only other American on the train at least only one in 2nd class section.

Also meet

Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek - German finder of antiquities

Captain Ernst Siskovis - German (Saxon) Army officer / currier

Joseph Roy Laudon – corpulent German banker

Joseph & Alice Estra Weiss – Newly wed

Unknown name - Black bushy beard - overly interested in any other passenger with a currier bag

Unknown name - associate of above - Indistinct nationality

Unknown name - overly energetic in talking - Frenchman


Unknown - bulbous monkey like creature with poisonous tail and chameleon abilities

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:27 pm

Great session Les! I'm still wondering about the "snake" and what it put in that drink...

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:09 pm

Thanks glad you liked it.

I'm not sure I didn't bite off more than I can chew in doing a Poeish horror flavored game. I didn't think it would be that hard to keep it a creepy feel, but boy what sounds easy while you are reading Poe or Victorian Vampyre stories sure isn't easy in the RPG, at least not for me

However, with your 'snake and what it put in the drink' I at least hit the mark on that.

Once you make it out of story 1 into story 2, if you all haven't figured it out on your own, I'll let you know then. :twisted:

As a reminder if any of you all write your own recaps and takes on what happened, you'll get extra fate points, or extra exp to put to buying additional 'generic class abilities' (form a limited choice of them) or skill packages. It will be slower than normal (since it is a horror/Poe game instead of a standard fantasy game) but it will be a good way to give you all a bonus for the write ups without flooding a character with extra exp who happens to have extra time to do write ups.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:52 pm

Sorry about the com issues last night. Still not sure what the issue was. However, after we wrapped up the game I tried to open my e-mail and it was slow on that too. So, it wasn't a discord issue .... stupid Okie internet provider !

That said, planned on getting further, but with the coms issue maybe it was better we didn't. I'd hat to been in the middle of the fight with those coms issues !

For the recap - 7 October 2019 - Story 1 - It always starts on a train - part b

More information was gathered

Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek - German finder of antiquities
- slips into using past negative tense when he mentions a possible future event he implies he looks forward to.
- Finder of antiquities for the University of Berlin
- Is originally from Blansko (a Town in Moravian, Czech, Austria) and well educated in the University of Prague
- Sister Adelaid Masek - 17 year old - exceptional & intelligent - assisting Dr Jindrich Wankel in his archeological and cave exploration in and around Blansko - hasn't seen his sister in over 6 months
- Fiance - Yvetta (did not hear last name) - assisting Dr Wankel in his medical clinic - nickname for her is "Blond Angle"
- Dr Jindrich Wankel - in the Village of Blansko, is both a medical physician operating a clinic in the village and uses it to train medical Drs after their university work is finished, is the leader in the area for archeological mineral digs in the area, some months ago had some unknown exceptionally large find.
- Is himself Catholic

Captain Ernst Siskovis - German (Saxon) Army officer / currier
- Is an officer originally trained as a Light Cavalry officer
- Is form an influential important family but from the hinterlands of Saxony
- was reassigned as a currier and has been in N Spain / S France (Basque region) on a mixed work / holiday assignment
- Is actually an honest open friendly person
- Is more proud of being Saxon than German
- Dislikes French, especially argumentative hate spewing ones
- Has started an acquaintance with Masek

Joseph & Alice Estra Weiss – Newly weds -
- 2 weeks in S France on honeymoon
- Joseph's father is a professor of engineering and mathematics in the University of Berlin
- Joseph has recently finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Berlin
- and (thanks to the help of his father) received a position as an assistant professorship and teacher's assistant
- Estra is a Jewess

Unknown name - Black bushy beard - overly interested in any other passenger with a currier bag

Unknown name - associate of above - Indistinct nationality -
** the 2 have narrowed down their focus to the individuals of the group, Masek, Siskovis, and 2 other German travelers in their mid 20s to early 30s.

Édouard Drumont – - overly energetic in talking - Frenchman
- Newspaperman – Anti-Capitalism, Anti Jew – Pro Catholic & Government control
- Argued with Father Sean O'Malley when he did not agree with Drumont's anti-Semitism
- Is spending free time with Bushy Beard and his Acquaintance

bulbous monkey like creature with poisonous tail and chameleon abilities - figured out successfully it is an imp - developed a fanatical desire to hunt it down and trap it - it has thus far avoided been overtly seen and seems to be avoiding the inside of the lounge car at the least.

The Train has in the night turned to the East and is now traversing the foot hills to the N of the Alps

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:43 am

Gained no new information about the NPCs

Spotted an imp again & tried to engage it. Eventually tried to clear the dinning car (And made a scene in doing so, & when Colton makes a scene he makes a scene for the ages !) to protect the riders from the little demon. It ended up escaping their efforts.

Noticed bushy beard in the corner having a silent 1 sided conversation

Stopped bushy bearded guy's associate in his argument with Masek . After the argument Masek stayed around others at all times and was never alone.

Father Sean O'Malley talked with Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek and gave him peace with an impromptu confession.

Besides making the scene Colton spent most of the time with Captain Ernst Siskovis

Mr Gerard Doyle tried once more to get some sleep but his slob fat cabin mate won again. So for the 2 nights in a row , he got no sleep

Just after midnight , as the train crossed a bridge and began a slow climb up the hill, Masek left the lounge car. Doyle noticed someone hit the ground and roll away, stand and run into the woods

A few minutes later, bushy beard guy got up and hurriedly eft. Father Sean O'Malley followed a minute or so later

An unnatural wolf how was heard by Doyle from outside despite the noise of the train, and his snoring cabin mate

Father O'Malley followed Bushy beard guy's associate up through the cars to the 3rd class cars in the front and then watched the associate and the 4 thugs jump from the train

A quick search of Masek's cabin showed 3 sleeping cabin mates and his bag carefully unpacked with possibly an item or 2 removed

Before the train crested the top of the hill, Father O'Malley, Doyle, and Colton jumped from the train

As the train crested the hill. another unnatural wolf howl echoed from the valley below, and this time answered by other wolves in the valley.

Knowing the servants of the dark evil, Father O'Malley realized the depth of danger they faced in the night dark valley ... and was shaken to the core.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Oct 29, 2019 4:47 pm

Mr. Joe Blue - Black freed slave & a Pugilist - leapt from the train and joined the group.

The group moved along the ridge line and was able to get ahead of the pack(s) of wolves and the men below in the valley, but as they approached the last portion of the ridge, Mr Blue though of a dream he had that night and knew the rock he dreamed about dying on was in a clearing up ahead, so the group turned to cut off the men in the valley below.

After being ignored b a hunting wolf, a shot rang out through the woods off to the left of the group (from the clearing Mr Blue was worried about)

In the clearing, with his back to the rock that was in Mr Blue's dream, Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek had shot and killed 1 wolf, and was shooting at another.

A thug was seen at the edge of the clearing preparing to shoot Masek, but the group was quicker and 2 bullets dropped him before he could fire.

Chaos erupted as wolves and thugs attacked Mr Masek - eventually driving him up to the top of the 8 foot finger of a rock, and the group fought and killed wolves attacking them and rushing toward Mr Masek

A sound burst spell stunned the group, and Bushy Beard with exceptional speed and agility sprinted through the rock strung clearing to take cover behind the rock Mr Masek stood on. Then Busy Beard's associate attacked from the shadow with a knife - luckily missing Mr Blue's exposed back, and then retreated from the divesting blows of the black boxer.

A larger pack of wolves nearly overwhelmed the group, and kept them from rushing to the aid of Masek, as Bushy Beard drove a dagger into his side.

Captain Ernst Siskovis, uniform muddied torn, bruised, and eyes wide in fear, stumbled out of the darkened woods and was able to kill 2 of the wolves in the last pack, and the other 3 were killed by the group.

Bushy Beard cursed from atop the rock - in England English - pushed the dying body of Masek off the top of the rock, and magical fog began to fill the area.

Masek was found dying, but despite Mr Blue's and Captain Siskovis' attempts with 1st aid, died while saying
Blansko … home …Adelaid sist,,, Yvetta blond… love…. Word…must …

Father O’Malley preformed the last rite for Mr Masek

After his passing, the group found his currier case with various papers, a book, a journal etc, and a crumpled paper that had :
Copied this day, Ibn-Hayyan , Buondelmonti , transliteration cerae diptych, Seraph Hispana
written on it in 5 different languages

Also, they found Masek's pocket watch, cigar case, a packet of letters from home, his locket, his cross, & a silver compass needle with a black and white woven silk string tied around it

As Mr Doyel lifted it up, the needed was blown by the breeze, but then began to spin unnaturally fast, and then stop pointing to the ENE remaining perfectly still despite the light late night breeze blowing through the valley.

1 wounded thug was found critically injured slumped against a tree on the edge of the clearing

No sign of Bush Beard, his associate, or any Imp was found.

So ends the 1 st story – It always starts on a train

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:43 am

4 Nov 2019

Story 2

Woods Caves and a Town

Opening cut scene
A dank dark dingy cellar, the sound of umm pa pa umm pa pa music drifting from above, beer schnitzels and bread nearly over powers the musty moldy air, nearly but not quite. The squeak of rats and vermin adds a chorus to the Public house music from above, a dark disquieting chorus

Chains clink, a man stripped necked in the middle of the room, Chains locked to the shackles closed tightly around the mans wrists. The chain taunt through a bracket in the ceiling and down to a winch on the far wall. An exceptionally fat rat leaps onto the crank handle and the chains click even tighter.
The man struggling to breath as the chains stretch him to the point of barely keeping the balls of his feet on the damp floor.
“Did I not give you gifts ?” – a dark voice asks from the rooms shadows
Yes master – the stretched man answers and shivers
Were they not useful
Yes master
Were they not adequate
Yes master, of course master, your gifts are …
Then why did you fail – the dark voice cuts of the useless flattery
A sob is the only answer this time
You know, a gift give can always be taken back
A whimper
A tool can always be turned on the hand that miss wield it
A wolf growls from the blackest of the corners, into the dim light a wolf pads into view snarling fangs bearded hackles raised
I taught you to control them before, try now
A sob, … master …
No, Hummmm you see I control my gifts, always
The wolf lunges snaps, less than an inch from the mans neck
Before the chained man can screem
Now be careful, we do not wish to disturb the pleasantries from above. Lessons are best learned in contemplative silence
The wolf lunges again and again, jaws snapping hot breath and spittle show the chained stretched man just how close the wolf is
The chains clank as the man attempts to dodge without though but knows in his marrow that if the master wishes the wolf would bath in blood
Now a lesson in suability – the dark voice states, but only at a whisper
The wolf’s growl ends , the agressiveness gone in an instant, and a simple panting beast turns and disappears into the shadow
Rats scurry and squeak
Climbing, scratching nipping covering the stretched man
A gasp that will lead to a scream

Nooo no no … silence, learn, suffer in blessed silence, or ….
Rats swarm, clawing
The man quiets, teas of fear and horror stream down his face into his black bushy beard.
Minutes, hours ages pass
Now, my English dog, are you going to be useful
Master spoken in a whisper
Good, I want blood, and I want some seeds planted.
Shadow blacker than night swirl, move, are alive, the lock on the wrench snaps releases. The chain clatters and the man drops, crawls like a much beaten dog, to his cloths. Lifts his hands begging for the manacles to be released


The body of Mr Masek, and the wounded thug was being taken to an near by village, but on the goat trail in the middle of the woods the Imps harried the group as a misdirection with someone attacked from behind and drove a dagger into the back of the thug (Told you I'd clean up the lose string, but lucky all the rolls to spot were low enough for me to pull it off without getting the attacker killed).

A shot hit one of the Imps (great shot it was) but you aren't sure it killed the Imp or injured it. After the attack, the remaining Imp (and the injured Imp if he didn't die from the wound) fluttered off into the night as the assassin stealthed into the dark woods

The group made it to the local village that night and in the morning the Sheriff sent some people to gather the killed thugs

The Thugs were French/Spanish (Basque) and had nothing special - except for a hand written note written in English that read

“May my hand do the same to you, if not mine then I pray for another to be the tool of --- wrath”

Capt S was told that he had stepped into something bigger and darker than it may seem - nudging him one more step closer to being a fellow hunter of the Shadow

That day the group and the body of Masek was taken to the nearest larger town. Capt S took a few hours to figure out how best to get the body to the far Czech village of Blansko in Moravia

It will take 2 weeks, but there is a feeling in 2 of the group that time is of the essence , so the rest of the group - with paper work provided by Capt S that hints that he is more than just a common Lt Cav officer.

With some lucky rolls (and some very not so lucky) the group made it through the woods of SE Germany, across the border of Germany and Austria, and across Moravia.

You are now, the next Tuesday afternoon, on a hill of the Carpathian Mountains, overlooking the village of Blansko. The home village of Mr Jarslav Masek and the presumed location of his sister and fiancée.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:50 pm

11 Nov

In the village of Blansko

The group talked to a local priest - Father O'Malley will have been introduced to the local Catholic church leadership - holding on the role playing of this

The group was finally passed to the local medical clinic of Dr Jindrich Wankel. The walked into a medical emergency due to an iron foundry accident & helped Mrs (Dr) Yvetta Hlavacova (fieancee) in the emergency - 1 nurse was injured by the patient, but the group held him down and helped Yvetta in the surgery - during the surgery Father O'Malley used one of his miracles to help heal the patient and then his other one to heal the brused and battered nurse.

While she cleaned up the operating & exam room, the group went to Dr Wankel's other ware house and study - it is full of archoilogical finds, skelitians and all the tools used in exploring caves and doing local archeological work. Mr Doyel made a good impression with the Dr and got the grand tour of the place.

Joe talked to Adelaid Masek ( Sister) and told her point blank of her brother's passing. She was saddened but not surprised by the news

Yvetta and the 2 nurses from the clinic arrived and the group told her and Adelaid of making a friend of Masek and his passing (washing over the specific events and the fight in the clearing with the wolves thugs and the 2 others from the train). Yvetta was surprised by the news and her and Adelaid argued for a minute but then Yvetta broke down and cried in the arms of Adelaid.

The group then went to the family farm and gave the news to the elder parent, soon the extended family & friends were in the house starting the mourning process for the passing of Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek

The group was invited to stay until the body of Masek arrived and the family could have a funeral for him. They decided to stay in one of the small cottages outside the family farm house.

They saw Yvetta go into a deep grief and become unhinged (and missed getting ther skulls cracked by her) but were able to restrain her and calm her down before she truly hert herself of anyone else.

The next night Doyle had a dream

You are setting comfortably on a hill overlooking a village … no not a hill not a village … a park bench a flower garden. Beautiful comforting, wild flowers, sway in the gentle breeze, warm sun shine blankets all. At one end of the garden 2 rose bushes grow one golden yellow, perfect reflection of the sun shining over head. The 2nd, smaller but in a way more substantial, white roses just beginning to bloom, as white as the snow peaked mountains off in the distance. Flowers like bells actually give off a soft gentle music as if silver bells ringing joyfully in the distance. Wild flowers of all shapes and sizes blanket the garden. Red Yellow Blue purple, and other colors. Vibrant healthy bees buzz joyfully spreading through the garden, making honey, aiding life

From your left a man/shadow skulks toward the edge of the garden, as he approaches clouds darken the sunlight. But the darkness is wrong, there is a sickly green tinge as the sun’s light weakens.

The shadow man stops, 1 seed, foul corrupt decaying and rotting, is flung from his hand, 2 3 4 5 seeds are flung into the garden

The first lands far from the shadow, near the roses. and a malicious weed vine shoot forth, wrapping around the yellow rose crushing the thorn covered stems ripping the bush from the ground snapping roots, snuffing out the flower in an instant. Another vine snakes to the white rose, burrowing onto the ground invading the roots. The white flowers darken, sicken, turn a foul gray.

The 2 nd seed lands among the blue bell flowers wrapping around them, destroying some others twisting, what had been silver tinkling becomes a disharmonious brass clanging
The 3 rd lands among the fiery red flowers to far side of the garden spreading poisonous vines sickening all
The 4 th lands closer to you amongst blue and violet flowers also bringing them down into corruption
The 5 th lands and instead of slicking vines, grey vicious wasps spring up, chasing down the bees, stinging them killing them devouring the corpses , returning to the hive and ruining the honey

You set starting at a field dead decaying filled with brambles, weeds, thorns, and skeletal bare branched brush

You set on a hill overlooking a village, gray corrupted ruined hate filled


Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:39 am

2 new Americans arrive in the village of Blansko - both wealthy. Mr Hunter coming to meet Dr Wankel and see if he can see first hand some artifacts he see pictures of. Ms Nicole along with him as a long time acquaintance and also someone with a passing interest in antiquities.

They find Dr Wankel's warehouse, but the Dr and Ms Adelaid had left to begin working on the funeral arraignments for when Capt S arrives with Mr Masek's body. Mr Doyle and Mr Blue was in the warehouse and played host as best as they could until either the good Dr or his young assistant arrives.

Father O'Malley spent the morning with the village's under bishop. He is VERY impressive in the interview and has gained favor with the church leadership in the village.

Adelaid arrived, and was closely followed by Dr Wankel with Father O'Malley and rather quickly showed off some of the items in the ware house

The group, funded by Ms Nicole's DEEP pockets, had dinner and beer in the village, but eventually the group was approached by some of the local iron workers - they having seen the size of Mr Blue.

A friendly boxing match developed, and a very large sum was put on the table for bets.

Mr Blue, digging deep and pulling from his fate, fought hard and eventually bested the local strong man, though it was a close fight.

Mr Blue received a bigger purse than he had ever hoped to see in his life from the bets. However, he realized that many local workers had risk weeks of their pay on the fight. He pocketed a portion of the bet, but returned most of the money back to the local workers - this also gains favor for the group with the local common worker class.

The group headed to rest for the evening, Father O'Malley, Mr Doyel, Colton and Mr Blue (bruised from his boxing match) heading to the Masek farm house and Ms Nicole and Mr Hunter returning to their guest house (finest in the village) rooms.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:02 pm

2 Dec 2019 recap

Mr Hunter & Mr Doyle spent the day Friday in Dr Wankle’s ware house assisting with inventory etc – taking time to do some digging on their own – again found a few items with strange symbols mixed in the decoration of the items – Doyle figuring out they are VERY early Middle East style, but not exactly anything he has seen before / Hunter seeing some as very early archaic basic/foundational mystical symbols

Father O’Malley & Colton spent the morning walking around the village guided by a local priest as Father O’Malley got to know some of the local priests and religious leaders of the different churches.

They met the local mayor and sheriff – angry at the arrival of all the bills being sent to the village from the groups rushed travel from Germany across the Austrian border to the local town – concerned about who was going to pay all the debts and if the group was swindlers with forgeries of the German documents . Soon enough, since they are with a local priest and being well received by the under bishop, the mayor becomes less hostile and eventually becomes more friendly with the group.

They are shown, by some of the local iron workers, one of the foundries and lend a hand with a crate that was nearly dropped. Making even a more positive influence with the local workers – do see a few workers unhappy and grumbling (at them at ???? not sure what the focus is)

They are asked to escort Ms Yvetta and Ms Adelaid up into the mountains to a secluded valley that Mr Meask would often take his sister and his fiancée . It will be a 3 + hour hike into the mountains.

On the trip they see below them a flatbed wagon drop off 5 passengers, and there seems to be an argument with 1 passenger and the driver – too far away below them to hear or see any specifics (everyone got low perception rolls here)

The go to the valley and Ms Yvetta and Adelaid wander through the valley going to old spots of remembrance.

Colton’s feeling of unease (since he as arrive here in Blansko – it brings up long suppressed memories of his youth in the Colorado Rockies) worsens as they explore the Valley

Mr Doyle and Mr Hunter discover a cave mouth high on the NE steep hill above the valley’s high mountain lake. Doyle easily scales the loose rock hill and attaches a rope to easy everyone else’s assent to the cave mouth. The rest of the group ascend, but Colton pauses at the cave mouth watching Yvetta and Adeliad below

Colton loses his hold on reality and flashes back to his snow covered mountain home and the morning of the event with his mother. He shoots at a charging bear, and then comes back to reality of the warm sun lit May afternoon. The shot surprises everyone and brings Yvetta and Adelaid to the lake. They soon follow the group up the rope to the cave. Colton follow the 2 ladies into the cave

Mr Doyle, Mr Hunter, and Father O’Malley explore the cave, and find a crack in the back wall. The opening is a passage to another inner smaller cave chamber – Doyle notices a lose rock and spikes it so others can pass safely.

The passage is blocked by another slab of rock (that doesn’t exactly match the stone of the passage wall. The 3 push against the rock, and when it gives way, Mr Hunter and Father Doyle sense/hear a pop as something breaks. The rock then easily pushes out of the way.

In the inner cave, the 3 find a small chamber covered in cave drawing and paintings. Some normal cave paintings others having a more special/unique/mystical subject – items of interest – a strange red hand with fingers too long (an extra joint and bone on each finger, and an extra thump next to the small finger / a white 7 pointed star / shadows fighting and killing people/ shadows being driven back by ??? / the 7 pointed star being used to harm/kill the shadows.

Also as they explored the cave they found the skeletal remains of a man seated on the floor of one of the niches of the chamber, a clean untarnished copper plaque as wide as a man’s hand’s width, and about half again as long as a man’s hand. 7 pointed star on one face of the plaque, 9 mystical symbols on the other face. They also found a broken clay tablet beside the stone used to block the chamber with more mystical symbols.

Father O’Malley noticed a fine floating silver thread as it drifted past them out back into the main cave

Colton hears the howl of wolves and the growl of a bear from outside the cave and he crouches to attack whatever next enters the cave

He is shocked to feel a man’s hand friendly grasping his shoulder. He turns to see the cave changed – no longer cluttered with rubble and debris from outside the cave, now cleared and full of activity.

Some sort of vile celebration going on, and a small group of people fighting and die attacked by living shadows. 1 warrior having a bronze knife that was doing more harm to the shadows that the mundane weapons of those falling beside him. After the shadows engulf his head and kill him they rush to the passage at the back of the cave (where O’Malley, Doyle, & Hunter had gone) but the shadows were rebuffed and were not allowed to enter the passage.

The man beside Colton mentions …. And laughs that he will be entombed in darkness for eternity away from the light that he worships. Then invites, encourages, tempts, Colton to partake in the evil festivities in the cave.

Colton resists the enticement, and Yvetta and Adelaid scream – breaking Colton out of the vision and bringing him back to the current reality. Colton stumbles and slices his leg on a razor sharp untarnished bronze knife blade kicked lose form the rocks covering the cave floor.

He rushes to assist the ladies only to be attacked himself by the flittering darkness attacking the 2 unarmed ladies

Father O’Malley, Mr Hunter, and then Mr Doyle emerge from the passage into the main cave chamber. Mr Hunter and Father O’Malley both cast mystical spells (well Father O’Malley’s is a miracle) which surprises both since neither knew the other had mystical abilities.

The mystical powers drive back the shadows from Colton and the 2 ladies, one being destroyed outright, and the remaining 2 retreat back into the darkness of the cave. However, the shadows are nearly impossible to see in the darkness.

Mr Hunter calls forth mystical light to expose the moving shadows, while Colton pushes the ladies out of the cave into the sunlight and fires back at the shadows. Mr Doyle follows Colton’s lead and fires a round at them himself. The bullets, when the find their mark do damage the shadows but not nearly as significantly as would be expected if the target was a living flesh and blood target.

One shadow pushes through the holy barrier and attacks Mr Hunter, as he sends forth a mystical light into the 2nd shadow, killing it. Father O’Malley attacks the shadow herring Mr Hunter with the bronze tablet. Chasing it from its target, and destroying it.

As the fight ends, Father O’Malley notices the silver thread as it drifts over Colton, then the ladies, and disappear out into the sun lit sky.

The group takes time to inspect the cave – finding a cave bear skull, a wide bone and shell decorative belt (the leather is rotted and the item is in pieces, paint pots (from in the smaller inner room, and a few late stone age and early bronze age tools and artifacts (these bronze pieces are heavily corroded by the passage of time and the moisture in the cave (unlike the knife and the tablet). Father O’Malley carefully recovers the bones from the inner cave and berries them under the loose rock and stone of the hillside.

The group, and the shaken ladies, descend from the hillside back to the picturesque lake below.

As Colton climbs down the rope, he notices he is no longer unsettled. He is actually at peace …

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:08 am

Damn, I missed out on a good game.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:28 am

old school gamer wrote:Damn, I missed out on a good game.

Yeah, but that was just the opening introduction skirmish ... Wait until you all run into ... and the ... well you will see :twisted:

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:37 am

16 Dec recap

The group made its way down the valley – following a quicker, but steeper path than the goat trails they took to the valley – and out of ear shot of Yvetta and Adelaid had a hushed conversation about what exactly happened and what they saw and experienced in the cave.

Mr Hunter hoped to deflect any questions the young ladies had with misdirection and confusion.

When the group finally made it to the road leading back into the village, and had a chance to take a break and catch their breath from the difficult scramble down, the 2 ladies started to ask questions. Mr Hunters misdirection’s quickly lead to Yvetta implying that Mr Maesk had previously made similar statements and though her recently deceased fiancée may have gotten away with it, she wouldn’t accept those answers now.

Father O’Malley admitted the truth and gave more honest answers to the ladies questions. After he finished the ladies thanked him and hugged the group. However, as the young girl Adelaid hugged the Jesuit demon hunter he couldn’t help from keeping the memories of the time with the deceased Mr Maesk on the train and on the night of his murder from bubbling up. At this he thought ….

As the group made its way back to the village, they noticed a loose horse running through the woods – with a broken harness for pulling a load or wagon and not a riding saddle. After catching the horse and starting down the road, they eventually found a wagon and dead horse shattered at the bottom of a 20 foot ravine. A closer look showed a man on the edge of death and breathing his last, under the wreck of the wagon and a rock on top of the wreckage.

Mr Doyle with his expert climbing skills helped the strongest of the group down to the ravine floor and they quickly lifted the rock and moved him from under the shattered wagon. Father O’Malley relied on his fath to perform a miracle and save the injured man’s life. Ms Yvetta climbed down and expected the man’s injuries. Looking at the damage, she expected sever injuries, but found the man to be in better condition than expected. Though he was unconscious and delirious, his injuries did not appear to be fatal to the eyes of the Dr.

A look of understanding crossed young Adelaid’s face as she watched from the road above.

Again with Mr Doyle’s expertise, the group was able to lift the injured farmer out of the ravine, and as Mr Doyle and Ms Yvetta worked on making a travois for the injured man, the Yvetta and Adeliade was able to pay attention to his delirious ramblings. Things about moving shadows, a pushed log, spooked horses. Things that make no sense.

After hearing of his ramblings, the group investigated the accident. The rock that crushed the man was not disturbed by the wagon’s fall, the ground under where it had been was not moved from a land slide … a log 10 to 1 yards up the road was visibly pushed into the road … there were NO foot prints or marks near the log or the rock … something had pushed both but had left no physical disturbance around them.

The group hurried the man, as safely as the could, back to the village and Dr Wankle’s / Ms Yvetta’s clinic. He was made as comfortable as possible, but even with his miracles healing his recovery would be slow and painful. Yvetta applied morphine to help the man sleep and numb the pain.

The group dispersed to their own specific interests

Colton and Mr Blue retiring to local public houses and beer gardens – enjoying Mr Blue’s new found fame.

Mr Hunter and Father O’Malley had a long talk about their similar mystical powers, and the items they found in the cave. Items that Mr Hunter knows he can gain insight on with time and study.

After the talk, as the 2 left the bed room they had occupied during their discussion, Father O’Malley noticed Mr Doyle setting in the cottage’s common room. Blankly deep in thought, with the silver needle hanging from the black and white silk cord stock still pointing to the center of the village.

Father O’Malley asks his friend what he was thinking about, and in a blink of surprise the New York Irishman returns to reality here and now. He had been lost in thought of the strange events surrounding crashed wagon and injured farmer. When he blinked back his thoughts the needle relaxed and began to swing normally.

Mr Hunter, Mr Doyle, and father O’Malley were uneased by the needle and the thoughts. The 3 patrolled the village looking for anything any feeling anything out of the ordinary.

The next morning, a bright Sunday morning in mid-May, Father O’Malley prepared to take part in the village’s main Cathedral’s service. Mr Blue, dressed in barrowed cloths – barrowed but good enough to attend mass in – and Mr Doyle attended the mass and watched Father O’Malley performed his part flawlessly. The 2 as they attended the mass noticed a face in the crowded cathedral, just for a split second .. a face they had seen before … the glance was not good enough to see exactly who it was.

After mass, as the Jesuit priest talked with the local under-bishop, another new priest approached, carrying a letter of introduction, and a request to join the village’s church staff. The letter of introduction and the list of the priest’s education and posts was impressive. The under-bishop set an interview for the following Monday morning.

That Monday, Mr Hunter continued his studies of the bronze tablet and clay tablet, and Mr Doyle began his work with Dr Wankle of doing the initial basic survey of the cave. Activities that will take most of the 2 men’s time throughout the week.

That Monday, as the rest of the group went about their individual activities, Father O’Malley attend the interview of the newly arrived priest. The interview lasted hours, and as it went further along, the Jesuit began to pick out more and more corruptions hidden behind the newly arrived priest’s thoughts and beliefs. Things hidden and hard to pick out, but there for the well trained demon hunter. Also, as the interview progressed, the Jesuit noticed an imp carefully crawl through the open window and sneak into the back corner of the room. The imp settled back and watched the interview passively. At first paying no mind the watchful Jesuit. However, as the demon hunter began to quietly direct the interview down paths pointing out the priest’s flaws and corruptions, the imp noticed the danger the Jesuit posed and focus on him with hatred and malice.

Eventually, the Jesuit pulled out his bible, prayer book, and note book and quoted form his works and studies. He then asked the under-bishop to review the priest’s own items. Quickly, an aid to the under-bishop was sent to retrieve the requested books from the priest’s room. Soon, the books were delivered and nothing of note was seen in them. However, the quick eyes of the demon hunter noticed the crinkle of papers hidden in the priest’s bag. When this was pointed out, and the under-bishop began to search the bag, the corrupt priest panicked pushed down the parish priest nest to him, and fled out of the office and into the street.

As the priest fled, the imp focused at the Jesuit demon hunt with burning hatred, then dropped from the ceiling and flew out the open window – unnoticed by any other than the watchful Jesuit.

A parish priest followed the fleeing corrupt priest, but quickly lost him in the village street.

In the confusion, Father O’Malley advised the under-bishop burn the papers found in the lining of the priest’s bag – papers with 4 or corrupted blasphemous prayers – douse the ashes with blessed water, and bury them in holy soil. He then explains the village is under attack from diabolical forces and asks the word be passed to other local religious leaders in the village.

That afternoon, the village’s religious leaders gathered and father O’Malley made his case. Though he was met with suspicion the leaders agreed to be vigilant and watch for any other corrupting influences in their congregation.

Re: Ne'er-do-Wells' AA Masque of the Red Death

Tue Dec 31, 2019 6:57 pm

30 Dec recap

Retcon for an event that happened the Friday before the trip to the cave

One of the town’s 3 reporters for the local newspaper found MS Beatrice, Mr. Blue and Colton. Talked to all 3, and interviewed Mr. Blue following his boxing match from the night before. The interviewer was focused and clever, and MS Beatrice and Colton noticed that he drew out more info on the reason the main group was in the town – the murder of Mr. Jarslav Hugo Masek. He is interested in interviewing all the members of the party as they have time

He also mentions the owner of the newspaper just passed and his son inebriated it. He is a disinterested owner and pays little attention to what the 3 reporters working for him do.

MS Beatrice surprisingly offers to work a loan for him to buy the newspaper. The offer catches him off guard, and he will have to find a suitable lawyer in town. Expecting it will take a few days.

Now everyone is caught up with the events from the earlier games

Monday – while Father O’Malley is busy with the interview of the corrupted priest and the events of that morning – the newspaper man finds Ms Beatrice Mr Blue, and Colton again. However, this time he is much less focused and it is easy to see something is off and different with him today. He interviews Beatrice this time, and she turns the interview into a conversation and into … a way to pull info out of the interviewer. She finds out that over the weekend, someone else approached to new owner of the newspaper, has made a hefty financial donation, and is feeding the newspaper canned news stories from out of the area. There is also a slant to the stories that he doesn’t like, but he can’t put his finger on exactly what is wrong. Plus, he is worried that with all the canned reports coming in from out of town, that there will be no need for 3 reports on the newspaper’s pay roll and that he or one of his friends will be fired.

That afternoon, Colton and Mr. Blue start to notice friction building in the workers, and they are given some flyers that are being passed around the workers. They figure out the 5 local workers that are the busiest pushing the flyers, and take them to Beatrice – she, being able to read German, see they are anarchist flyers focused on stirring up resentment with the workers and causing trouble between the workers and the factory owners/managers.

The next day the group gets more of a sense things being moved in the town, stress being put into the events. One of the group catches a quick glimpse of the ‘Bushy Bearded Gentleman’ from the train, the man that murdered Mr. Masek. However, before he can be followed he disappears into the shadows of the alley. Mr. Blue and Colton spend more time doing their best, despite their inability to speak Czech or German, to get more information on what is causing the problems among the workers. They are able to pick out the some main leaders of the locals fanning the flames that are slowly building.

That evening, with the group gathered at the Masek family farm house, the mayor, the sheriff and 2 assistants arrive. There has been new info that does not outright blame the group of the death of Masek, but it casts a doubt, ad implies the group is more involved than it may appear at first glance.

Father O’Malley, suspecting ‘Bushy Bearded Gentleman’ as the source of the information describe him to the group, and the sheriff and the mayor honestly act as if they have never seen or heard of him, but 1 of the assistants there has a flash of reorganization at the description.

Eventually, the sheriff propose that to make sure the group is acting honestly, that a member of the group stay at the jail is a show of good faith, and that he or she be followed during the day, again for a show of good faith. He is very explicit that there is no charge of a crime against the group and that none are under arrest. But he trying to balance the group’s story against the hints and innuendo.

Father O’Malley volunteers to stay at the jail, and spends the night there – not locked up, given as much comfort as possible, but there in the jail none the less.

The rest of the group spend the evening visiting beer gardens, and the quick eyes of Beatrice notice a group of workers, disgruntled and unhappy, across the street, among them are some of the 5 that Colton and Mr. Blue described earlier She also picks out an additional man, older, graying hair, hard faced, nose flattened and mal formed from multiple breaks, though better dressed (slightly) than the other workers. There also looks to be a keener intelligence behind the eyes despite his rough features. He has to be the ring leader.

She raises her stein to him from across the street, and when he notices he is being watched, he shoots the attractive young American debutante a look of deep hatred, and disappears back into the alley.

Luckily, Mr. Doyle, a little while later, is able to find him skulking back through the worker’s section of the town. In the rougher area of poor folk. He spends time following him to various stops, talking to various people, handing out moor flyers. He is able to follow him to a house where the gray haired firebrand is staying. Soon, another younger much better dressed gentleman makes his way to the house, spends 10 – 15 min in the house (Mr. Doyle is too far away to hear or see anything going on in the house) and then the younger gentleman leaves and travels toward the better off artesian area of the village.

Doyle skillfully follows the young man, to another beer garden, mostly empty now due the that late Tuesday night, and sees him approach and talk to a seated gentleman. Even from this distance, in the dark, and with his back to Mr. Doyle, he knows it is ‘The Bushy Bearded Gentleman’

Doyle freezes and watches, soon enough the young man leaves, but before Doyle turns to go, he catches the slightest movement from the roof of the beer garden, another winged, scorpion tailed, chameleon like monkey creature … an imp setting sentry over their bearded foe.

Doyle makes his way, oh so carefully now, back to the jail, wakes Father O’Malley and warns him. The Jesuit priest is secure in his powers and training so says he does not need an extra set of eyes helping him watch, so he sends his friend back to the group, now all back at the Masek family farm house, to warn them.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

The Next morning, Wednesday, the telegraph arrives, Captain Ernst Siskovis plans on having the remains of Mr. Masek on the Friday afternoon freight train. It should arrive by around 1600, but that is iffy at best with it being in the far reaches of the Czech lands.

The family begins to finalize the plan for the wake the ceremony and the burial – that following Monday after noon.
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