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Post by doominicus »

hi to all. I've got questions that puzzles me after i have read about beauty in the CKG. I like very much this, but I don't fully understand how does it works.
1)there is a short description on pag 13, left column, stating that beauty is not an attribute on which you can do active test of attribute. it's something always on. (until here no problem)
2)second: table 1.6
from this table I learn: "quote: 3-5 (beauty) all charisma checks of those around the individual are made at -2" I agree if the charisma checks are made by the awful individual, but what's the sense if the charisma checks are made by the people surrounding the bad-looking individual? The people surrounding him/her maybe is beutiful and so?
3)table 1.6, again: from this I learn that with a beauty of 18 or higher, the people who surround him/Her must make wisdom saving throws to avoid charme. strange: the SIEGE engine (from what I have understood) works actively, but in point 1 (see above) there is statement that this attribut is something special
4)pag 13, right column, beauty modifier: here there is a table that list the modifiers that come along with beauty. 6-8 -1, 13-15 +1... wait... in the table 1.6 there is written that with a beauty of 6 - 15 nothing happens, so why these modifiers?
5)always there: why throw in modifier for constitution, wisdom and charisma to the (passive) saving throw to charm? for use Charisma u must speak (I think) and so do an active siege engine check (perhaps modified with beauty) against the usual numbers + CL. but what's the sense of constitution and wisdom?

I don't know if I was clear (english is not my language), but please help me.
thanx in advance (Then I have got a lot of ather questions)
PS: I didn't find a subforum where I can make a presentation...

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Re: Beauty

Post by serleran »

1) no contest; Beauty does not have its own saves or checks.

2) by being exceptional, at either end of the Beauty scale, others are affected. People want to be around those who have high Beauty and do not want to be around those who are ugly -- this reflects in the Charisma save modifier. If you are ugly, it is harder to get people to do what you want, essentially.

3) having a very high Beauty, which cannot be controlled (without disguise or disfigurement) is "always on" so those who see you as you are are "compelled" to want to be near you, thus, they are somewhat charmed.

4) I would apply those to the effective Charisma, on top of the rules for #2

5) as there is no direct will attribute, Charisma and Wisdom usually fill the spot, but Constitution can certainly affect it, especially when it is a matter of pure physicality. I would recommend not using Constitution in this way, but any attribute can be applied to a save against charm (it all depends on the situation) so its basically a "here's another option."

At least, this is how I would read it, if I had read it. I assume its supposed to be like the old UA "comeliness" score.

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