Cthulhu sale

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Cthulhu sale

Post by Lurker »

Not sure if any one here is a Cthulhu fan, but if you are, there is a huge Drivethru sale

https://www.drivethrurpg.com/mythos.ph ... hosSale

Myself Cthulhu is a bit out of my horror envelope, but with wetting my toe on Amazing Adventure Masque of Red Death, I will say that looking through the sale items there is a TON of things here that would be great idea mines, sources, or have great maps and hand outs that would be useful for a Victorious or Amazing Adventure horror game.
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Re: Cthulhu sale

Post by maximus »

Never tried any Cthulhu stuff. Your MoRD was great. Cthulhu sounds a bit too much horror for me.

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