If you know someone getting into C&C

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If you know someone getting into C&C

Post by eibon »

Here is a link from RPGNet, if you message by noon tomorrow, it is only $30

Consequently, if anyone wants to go in on this, I could use a spare PHB and I would go in on thirds, so someone would get M&T and Castle Zagyg for $20.

I hope this sort of post isn't frowned upon, while this is not a direct sale for Troll Lord, it does encourage one to buy other C&C books and adventures and is only meant to help out the group here to get extra books for their gaming groups.

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Post by Treebore »

I personally have no problems with the post. I'm just sorry C&C apparently wasn't something they could get into and stay. I have enough of everything, so I'm not interested in buying it, or into it.
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