Buying at the con

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Buying at the con

Post by Severite »

I have heard a lot of people mention 'picking this or that up' at the con.....will there be vendors at the lggc?

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Post by Treebore »

At GenCon Indy pretty much every gaming company still in business will be there to sell "new releases" and then there are the auctions of old stuff, etc..
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Re: Buying at the con

Post by gideon_thorne »

Severite wrote:
I have heard a lot of people mention 'picking this or that up' at the con.....will there be vendors at the lggc?

Well I doubt LGGC will be as large as gen con....

But I know there will be at least two vendors. Troll Lords and Menagerie. Beyond that I don't see any others going to such a small event. ^_^
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Post by Troll Lord »

The only vendors there will be TLG and Tami will run a booth with dice, odd and end games etc. Goodman Games may be attending, Joe is checking his schedule.

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Post by serleran »

Can individuals sell materials they own, if they are so inclined, or would you prefer to leave such things outside the actual doors of the con? I'm not interested, myself, but there may be others who feel so inclined... and, I would not be so against picking up a few items, if say, Gary, Frank, Rob, and Jim were wanting to rid themselves of some items.

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