A Christmas Carol
As Brought to you by Troll Lord Games and Fat Dragon Games

It's that Merry time of year again. Stocking stuffers and leggy lampshades crowd us all with Christmas cheer. We gather 'round the board to feast and make merry; to wile away our leisure hours (if we can afford such) with tales of wild abandon brought to us by our favorite games, our friends, our families and as importantly, our own uncapped imaginations.

Some years ago we Trolls gathered around a table probably much like yours and concocted the idea of creating a gaming company. The memory of our reasoning is crowded now with all the accoutrements that time delivers but suffice it to say that the idea, and the company, stuck. It has been and continues to be an eventful journey, and one that has left its fair share of ghosts. The ghosts of things that were, of things that are and things that might have been and may still be.

With that in mind we bring you a Trollish Christmas Carol, where you can visit the past and the present or even the future.

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You can follow the links to the right to whatever product you are searching for, or you can peruse the store front and find the products there. All items are discounted at purchase!

But we're not alone spinning the Christmas yarn. The fine folks over at Fat Dragon Games have joined us at the table and are adding their own bit of Christmas cheer to the Christmas carol. So be sure to visit there for ghosts of their own past, present and future.

Troll Lord Games shares all this with you and wishes you a very Merry Christmas season. May your Yule log, literal or figurative, burn bright and warm. May your family be safe and kept sound and may this season of giving be one of joy and happiness.

The Troll Lords

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Players Handbook
Codex Celtarum

Castle Keepers Guide
Monsters & Treasure

Classic Monsters

Of Gods & Monsters

Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde

Fields of Battle
The World of Aihrde Folio
World of Aihrde Maps

Heart of Glass
C&C Dice Green
C&C Dice Black

C&C Dice Blue

C&C Dice Purple

Engineering Dungeons
Engineering Castles

Arms and Armor

A0 The Rising Knight
A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge

A2 The Slag Heap

A3 The Wicked Cauldron

A4 Usurpers of the Fell Axe

A5 The Shattered Horn

A6 Of Banishment & Blight

A7 The Despairing Stone

A8 Forsaken Mountain

A9 Before the Helm of Night

C1 The Mortality of Green
C2 Shades of Mist

DA1 Dark Journey

F1 Goblins of Mt. Shadow

F2 Crimson Pact

S1 The Lure of Delusion
S2 Dwarven Glory

S3 The Malady of Kings

S4 Lion in the Ropes

U1 Shadows of the Halfling

U2 Verdant Rage

U3 Fingers of the Forsaken Hand

U4 Curse of the Khan

and more!

Ghosts of Christmas Present

Rune Lore
Town of Kalas
Codex of Aihrde
A10 The Last Respite
A11 The Wasting Way

A12 The Paladin's Lament

F3 Giant's Wrath
F4 To Kill A King

Free City of Eskadia

and more!

Ghosts of Christmas Future

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