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Preview our new Site

We invite you to preview our new website. We think you will like what you see.

Everything is cleaner, more navigable and hopefully more pleasing to the eye and mind.

There are a few parts that still need some work and some supplemental pages added to the new theme, so if you find something that doesn't work or you notice we are missing something, let us know by emailing support.

Thanks for looking around!



With an ever growing product list, we offer a wide variety of titles from children's books to fantasy, from games to reference books.
To find out more about our products or if you're interested in being published, contact us.


It's your game. Own it.


  • Great art work. I come from AD & D first edition and I really like Castles & Crusades.

  • The packaging is nicely done... The pamphlet type books reminds me of some of the earliest D&D adventures...

    J Hall
  • Awesome company. Great people who know what we geeks love and strive hard to produce quality products.
    I bought the Storyteller's Thesaurus and will use it as an invaluable gaming aid.
    other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs.

    Jeffery C
  • All color with beautiful art work. This become my favorite hard fantasy game the more I get to play.

    Craig S

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Troll Lord Games, publishing Role Playing Games, Games, and Fiction since 1999.

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