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Rise of the Second Sister

The Monsters & Treasure, 4th printing is here. She rolled in late last night and has been safely tucked away in the warehouse. Shipping begins now. We've begun assembling packages that will include the following: Monsters & Treasure, Vakhund, Dzeebagd, Felsentheim, The Fantastic Adventure, Mortality of Green, Character Reference Sheets and all the Add Ons you put in your package. We will work furiously to get these out to you as fast as we can.

The book looks beautiful. The color is vibrant, the pictures popping off the page; the layout is open, clear and the font larger so reading is much easier. Its the perfect addition to the Players Handbook.

After 10 long years, the game has come into her prime. If you haven't picked it up, be sure to do so. She goes on sale today. Monsters & Treasure.

We are putting the finishing touches on the Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter. It is tentatively scheduled to begin on December 5th and run through January 5th. The Goal: Two 29 x 37 inch full color maps of the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde -- well that, and leather copies of the books. Maybe even color copies...

Monsters & Treasure Oh My

We are looking for the arrival of the Monsters & Treasure today. It should lumber in around about noon. We'll unload the trucks, stack the boxes, fill the shelves an get ready for mail outs to begin tomorrow. We have shipping boxes, tap, packing material and a whole bunch of books to send your way, so Kickstarter backers, look to the madness to begin in the morning. Mortality of Green is rolling off the presses, so look for it in the package as well.

In other news we are prepping our Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter, it should go live soon. We are looking to greatly expand the Codex by adding a fold out map to the book, and maybe going full color. The book is already in layout so we feel very comfortable making this happen. Spread the word and keep your eyes open.

Hard charging into the weekend.

For the Greater Good

Today's clip is the classic moment when Obi-Wan sacrifices himself for the greater good. Still a fantastic movie, even after 30+ years. Lancelot could take some lessons from the jedi knight!

The digital copy of Amazing Adventures rolled out yesterday. It was sent to all those who backed the AA kickstarter. The Manual of Monsters should be ready soon and Jason is wrapping up the AA Companion. This game is rolling out in style and we owe much of it to you and your generosity.


The heraldry is going in the Codex of Aihrde and we'll follow that with the holy symbols for the various gods. We hope to send the preview copy to backers today, but keep in mind about the coming Kickstarter. We will be launching a KS for that with hopes to have a fold out map printed in the book (detachable) and a separate large map, including the option for a vinyl one.

The Long Goodnight

We are continuing to focus on the Codex of Aihrde. We should be able to hammer out the last of the issues today, at least we hope to. Its a large book with a lot of content and getting it all organized has been entertaining. Also the final Amazing Adventures core book is on Steve's desk and he hopes to release it in digital form late this afternoon to all Kickstarter backers.

The Monsters & Treasure is on the truck and headed this way. It should be here by Wednesday and mail outs will begin as soon as we get it stacked and ready. With a little luck that will be on Thursday. Right now that includes all the add ons as well as Vakhund, Dzeebagd, Felsentheim, Fantastic Adventure and Mortality of Green.

So with a little luck by Thanksgiving you'll have all this material piled in your house and be able to game like crazy, from Pulp to Fantasy.

In the meantime enjoy a little Harry Potter. Today's clip is the battle between the two main guys: Voldermort and Dumbledore. For old feller that Dumbledore sure can bring it to the table.

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