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T-Shirts and Mugs

The shirts have arrived and the mugs are on the truck, scheduled to be hear on Wednesday afternoon, the 30th. As soon as they land we'll roll them out the door. We have a mountain of orders, but hope to have them all out by this weekend!

If you missed it, we have extras, so scoop up your Mug and T-shirt today.

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It's time to shift some gears around here. About two months ago our very own Jason Vey turned over the Brimstsone and the Borderhounds RPG. It's a SIEGE Engine role playing game that plunges you into the eternal struggle of good and evil, of angels in their glory, and devils in their spite. It's a world of bounty hunters and mercenaries . . . .

If you didn't know already, Brimstone & the Borderhounds is a Hound Comics publication. An amazing read of fast paced action and suspense, set in the modern world where may realities overlap.

The RPG adapts that to the gaming table. You are going to play the hunter, the mercenary, and collect your bounty... or die.

We'll open this up for funding in the near future, as this one absolutely has to be released in full color. We'll put some teasers together in the coming weeks.

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