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A Troll at Fest

The Book of Eli joins us today, one of the better post-apocalypse movies don't you know. Denzel Washington outdoes himself in this surprisingly good script with a great ending. This is the way the apocalypse will play out when it comes . . . well at the gaming table maybe.

Peter and Steve broke through a huge chunk of the Codex of Aihrde yesterday. Its come front and center. We are beginning to entertain ideas about printing the book in full color, with a fold out map attached to the inside of the book (detachable of course). But that remains for the Kickstarter to decide (scheduled for a December 5 launch). Be sure to check it out, we are really going to push the barrier with the maps of the world.

Also up on the docket and in layout is Crusader #27. Be sure to look for it very soon.

Coming up is Black Friday. We'll launch a massive 40% of all DIGITAL content on Drivethru, RPGNow and our own store. Don't miss out.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all those folks in the United States. I hope you find your homes filled with family, friends, and good food.

Cutting Glass With Finger Nails

Snatched up a good clip of the opening of these season's Walking Dead. No spoilers on this one, just check out the drama and quality on the youtube to your right. It's a fantastic show, you should check it out. Its what we really need here in the Dens, a post-apocalyptic RPG.

We've added a few more titles to the damaged goods isle in the store. Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde and Gods and Monsters both came out as perfect bound books a few years back. We unearthed some of these while moving stuff around for the Monsters & Treasure.

In other news, we are looking for the arrival of the Storyteller's Thesaurus. The other two books are not far behind it so fulfilling that Kickstarter should begin in December.

And look to the future. On the fifth the official open of the Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter begins. Don't miss out!

Beyond the Darkling Edge

We rolled out a large number of Kickstarter packages before the weekend, so look to the mail for yours, hopefully soon. We'll continue today. These packages will include all your add ons, a half dozen other odds and ends, posters and of course Monsters & Treasure.

That gives us a slew of new releases this week: Monsters & Treasure, Castles & Crusades Portrait Screens, Amazing Adventures (digital). There is still a massive amount to go, but we'll start putting the wraps on those when the CKG ships out, probably in January.

Peter hammered out new heraldry art for the Codex of Aihrde and Steve should be able to get a look at that. They'll work on it today and prep it for its eventual release to pre-orders and open up the Kickstarter for the world maps and books (for those who missed the earlier pre-order and want to get the larger maps. Look for that Kickstarter to open on the 5th of November.

In the meantime, check out Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow. Its a very good movie, especially Bill Paxton's roll. Of course Bill Paxton can do no wrong.

Rise of the Second Sister

The Monsters & Treasure, 4th printing is here. She rolled in late last night and has been safely tucked away in the warehouse. Shipping begins now. We've begun assembling packages that will include the following: Monsters & Treasure, Vakhund, Dzeebagd, Felsentheim, The Fantastic Adventure, Mortality of Green, Character Reference Sheets and all the Add Ons you put in your package. We will work furiously to get these out to you as fast as we can.

The book looks beautiful. The color is vibrant, the pictures popping off the page; the layout is open, clear and the font larger so reading is much easier. Its the perfect addition to the Players Handbook.

After 10 long years, the game has come into her prime. If you haven't picked it up, be sure to do so. She goes on sale today. Monsters & Treasure.

We are putting the finishing touches on the Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter. It is tentatively scheduled to begin on December 5th and run through January 5th. The Goal: Two 29 x 37 inch full color maps of the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde -- well that, and leather copies of the books. Maybe even color copies...

Monsters & Treasure Oh My

We are looking for the arrival of the Monsters & Treasure today. It should lumber in around about noon. We'll unload the trucks, stack the boxes, fill the shelves an get ready for mail outs to begin tomorrow. We have shipping boxes, tap, packing material and a whole bunch of books to send your way, so Kickstarter backers, look to the madness to begin in the morning. Mortality of Green is rolling off the presses, so look for it in the package as well.

In other news we are prepping our Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter, it should go live soon. We are looking to greatly expand the Codex by adding a fold out map to the book, and maybe going full color. The book is already in layout so we feel very comfortable making this happen. Spread the word and keep your eyes open.

Hard charging into the weekend.

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