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Glory Stompers

That's what we are! Glory Stompers. Actually that is the name of a biker movie from the 60s that might or might not be worth watching.

So today we are prepping lots of material for the Codex of Aihrde. We plan to release the beta version to all pre-order and Kickstarter backers today. This version is mostly done. There is plenty of art that needs colored, still some that needs inserted and some that needs rearranged. We are asking you to give her a read over and if you find anything amiss, please give us a shout.

We are wrapping up the first installment of C4 Harvest of Oaths and with a little luck will have it out to backers in the afternoon as well. So look to your emails.

In other news, we are hammering on the 12th installment of Tome of the Unclean. It was geared for a 30th release but might not make it, we aren't quite sure yet. If not sometime next week. And the C&C Free Version (is almost done as is the Castles & Crusades Society and Knights webpages.

Fantastic Adventure blew the gates wide open and hit the #1 slot over on RPGnow and Drivethru! To celebrate we are running a massive sale (60% or more on everything) through Sunday. Be sure to get on board while you can.

Crossing Words

We've added a new feature to the website today. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can join in on our first formal crossword puzzle! Its playable here on line, you never have to leave the Troll Lord website. Mythic Monsters and Beasts of Legend has some pretty far fetched clues, but some fairly well known beasties. Check it out and see how you fare! First one to finish it gets a signed copy of the Andanuth by Stephen Chenault. Take a screen shot when you are done and fire it over to us here.

In other news, we've launched a massive 4 day long PDF sale on OBS. You can pick up your favorite titles at 60% OFF! Check out RPGNow or Drivethru RPG, which ever you prefer.

We've so much more to do and its piling up fast. Victorious is on the slate for a February 14th launch on Kickstarter. We are looking at a simultaneous Kickstarter to bring our digital library up to speed and then some. We have Codex Germania on the table as well as Nine Worlds Saga III: Crises in Alfheim. And there is so much more: Codex of Aihrde is about to be released in its beta form (check updates today for that info), CKG coming... just check back here more often than not!

Up the hill

Up the hill
Up the hill
Always up we go

Tired feet
Tired bones
Its the only life we know...

--from a Troll marching song.

And so we keep on pushing upward. The official release of the Fantastic Adventure is upon us. For Monday and Tuesday only, you can get the PDF version of it for only .99 cents! This book rejoins the line up after more than a decade of being out of print. NOTE: If you backed the C&C Kickstarter you already own the adventure, only with the classic cover on it.

This week will be a regrouping week. Lots to catch up on and roll out. Art orders for Aufstrag Bone Pit are off, as well as new devils for the adventure. The same book must go to editing this week as well. The Codex of Aihrde is set for another review and the CKG edits take full and center stage.

Also we are going to launch Castles & Crusades free version sometime this week. This small packet will come with some basic rules, four pre-generated characters and a short adventure. It is designed to introduce people to the game we've all come to love.

Other titles that we'll be looking at this week: Towers of Adventure (revised) and the Rogue's Gallery. and we'll wrap up work on Aufstrag 2: The Horned Gods Acre.

Troll Crossword #1

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