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Another load of CKGs rolled out yesterday and the final domestic load will roll out today. But for a few with add ons for steins and the like, they are all packed and ready to go. Also those orders that came in on the CKG recently will roll out today as well.

In the meanwhile, we are prepping the roll out for those going outside the United States. These will ship beginning on Monday.

In the meanwhile, the first of the Amazing Adventures begins shipping today as well.

While books are flying out of the Dens like cards in a mad hatter's card game, there's a few things to keep in mind:

The MYTHOS KICKSTARTER. It has already funded and blasted through two stretch goals. Be sure to join the fray, build your own pledge or make the jump for the full set of three books.

Also, check out the Christmas in July sale over at Drivethru and RPGnow! Deep discounts in this site wide sale.

And as always have a good weekend. Enjoy the SPOILER-FILLED clip of the Walking Dead to your right and see why everyone watches the show.

Also, enjoy these pieces from Codex Germania on Kickstarter now!

News from the Den Wars

Well it's a bit crazy around here, with the Castle Keepers Guide landing in the Dens just a few days before we head off to Gencon. We are bound and determined to get as many, if not all, of these books out this week. To that end we are hammering away like mad. Steve hauled 100 to the post office yesterday so that Todd and Mark could keep packing. We expect a similar load to roll out today.

We are looking at options on shipping outside the United States, but will probably just end up doing it ourselves like we always do. It's mountains of paper work though. One would think that Canada and the United States at least would come to some kind of 'we share the same postal rates' agreement. It's Canada for pete's sake.

If you can't trust the Canadians to do you right then the world is finished.

In other news, yesterday we launched a new Kickstarter, be sure to check it out. And if you are on twitter make sure you follow the Troll Lord. He's lonely over there.

3 Books, 1 Kickstarter

We have opened the gates to the hounds of mythological madness. Three new books in Brian N. Youngs Mythos series! We've just launched a new Kickstarter, expanding on the already published Codex Celtarum and Codex Nordica!

Up now are THREE new Codices: Germania, Slavorum and Classicum!!

Learn more by clicking no the below link!

Come join the Fray!!! You don't want to miss this one!

And please help us spread the word!!!

Keeping the Castle

The CKG arrived two days ago and it turned out as beautiful as her counterparts in the 3 Sisters Kickstarter. Full color, beautifully rendered and laid out to please the eye. She's thicker in the beam now, the expanded font adding a chunk of pages. And it's heavier by a long shot, the full color pages weighing her down quite a bit.

And the Castle Keepers Guide is on sale now (though any new orders won't ship until the Kickstarter is fulfilled).

We've been packing and shipping the books hit the floor. All domestic backer levels above the $99.00 have shipped and are en route even as we scribble this. Now the furious packing begins with the mountain of $99.00 level backers. But look to your post office, the CKG is in route.

Mythos Kickstarter!

And don't forget the C&C Mythos coming to Kickstarter in just a few short days!

Mythos sets the goal of bringing 3 new books of mythology to the gaming table: Codex Germania, Codex Slavorum and Codex Classicus!

You are not going to want to miss this one!

Signed on the Dotted Line!

If you signed up for our newsletter in the past few weeks, or if you are a long time subscriber, we're sending you a free digital copy of our Open and Play basic adventure, Shadows of a Green Sky. Also, if you've signed up for Twitter, your getting a digital Pot of Bones as well! Look to your email!

Deep Discounts!

The CKG and Amazing Adventures are coming soon and to celebrate we're unlocking the doors to the Dens with discounts ranging from 10-50%! The more you plunder, the more you get, so head over to the Store and scoop up all those titles you've missed.

We'll run this sale for the next 7 days or until the Castle Keepers Guide is in our grubby little hands!

Trollzah! Trollzah! Trollzah!

Rolling Thunder

We are bracing for a mountain of books this week: Castle Keepers Guide, Amazing Adventures, Manual of Monsters and AA Companion. All these are slated to head this way on the 10th, arriving sometime next week. We have to make room. Lots of room, for there are roughly thousands of books coming our way.

So for the next few days, we'll be restructuring the TLG set up. It includes more warehousing space, Todd his own office in the mail room, new packing racks and more. It's going to be a lot of work we hope to have wrapped up in a few days.

But that doesn't mean things are slowing down around here. Work continues on Codex of AIhrde and the Players Guide as well as Gaxmoor, Victorious and the Dictionary. And we are prepping our next major Kickstarter: a mythos triology: Germania, Slavorum and Classicus. This is going to be a massive undertaking, but bring all three to the fore far quicker.

Many of you have taken advantage of the savings on the Print Starter Pack, which gets you the Players Handbook, Monsters and Treasure and several adventures -- now you can get it in Digital only or Print and Digital combo. Trollzah!

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